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Refereed Proceedings Awarded



Rhee, Mooweon, Alexandra, Valerie, and Powell, Skylar. 2020. "Individualism-collectivism cultural differences in performance feedback theory."  Cross Cultural & Strategic Management.

(The 2020 Winner of FIU / AIB Best Theory Paper Award, Academy of International Business)

Rhee, Mooweon, and Haunschild, Pamela, R. 2003. “The liability of good reputation: A study of product recalls in the U.S. automobile industry.” The Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.

(The 2003 West Publishing best paper winner, Academy of Management)


Rhee, Mooweon. 2000. “The effects of network structure and content on learning environments in the workplace.” Proceedings of the 52nd IRRA (Industrial Relations Research Association) Meeting, 280-296.

(The 1999 winner of the annual Labor and Employment Relations Association student writing competition)


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