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Im, Il, and Rhee, Mooweon. 2021. Digital leadership: A navigation guide for captains in the digital oceanSeoul: Cloud9. (written in Korean)

Kim, JaeguBae, Zong-Tae, Lee, Jeonghyun, Rhee, Mooweon, Yang, Daegyu, and Kang, Shinhyung. 2020. Post-corona era: Social value management practice strategy. Seoul: Cloud9. (written in Korean)

Rhee, Mooweon, and Kim, Pil-Gyu. 2019. The Red Queen Strategy:  What makes the JTBC Newsroom special. Seoul: JoongAngIlboPLUS. (written in Korean)

Rhee, Mooweon, and Kim, Doyoon. 2018. "Developing entrepreneurship and practical talent." In Lee, Doo-Hee, Yoon, Sung-Soo, Lee, Sungho, Rhee, Jay Hyuk, Lee, Woo-Jong, Kweon, Soon-Chang, Bae, Johngseok, Kang, Cheol, Lee, Sang Min, Choi, Seong Jin, Rhee, Mooweon, Kim, Doyoon, Kim, Hicheon, Shin, Hojung, Yoo, Shijin, Park, Daeyun, Park, Chan Su, Ryu, Su Young, Lee, Tae-Hee, Kim, Joonghyuk, Kim, Young-Kyu, Oh, Jong Moon, Jeon, Kyu-An, and Jeon, Seong-Il, A new paradigm for business education: Directions for convergence and innovation in business education that will lead the future of the 4th industrial revolution: 137-164. Seoul: Maekyung Publishing Inc. (written in Korean)

Rhee, Mooweon. 2015. "Managerial conditions for rebounding K-management: Rethinking management" In Lee, Hong, Limb, Seong JoonLee, Kyungmook, Shin, Dongyoub, Bae, Johngseok, Huh, Moon Goo and Rhee, Mooweon, K-Management: Korean corporate management on the verge: 195-234. Korean Academy of Management. Seoul: Cloud9. (written in Korean)


Rhee, Mooweon, and Kim, Tohyun. 2013. “Exploration and exploitation.” In Teece, David J., and Augier, Mie (eds.), The Palgrave encyclopedia of strategic management. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Rhee, Mooweon, and Kim, Tohyun. 2012. “After the collapse: A behavioral theory of reputation repair.” In Barnett, Michael L.,  and Pollock, Timothy G. (eds.), The Oxford handbook of corporate reputation: 446-465. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Rhee, Mooweon, and Hadwick, Robin, J. 2011. “Repairing damages to reputations: A relational and behavioral perspective.” In Burke, Ronald J., Martin, Graeme, and Cooper, Cary L. (eds.), Corporate reputation: Managing threats and opportunities: 305-325. Surry: Gower Publishing.

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