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I always appreciate my Stanford co-mentors who journeyed with my intellectual evolution.


Without Jim March and his interdisciplinary guidance and stimulation, my knowledge, if any, would lack a number of critical dimensions. His generosity in investing time and thought, whenever it is asked, is overwhelming. And his life always reminds me of Quixote's lesson that we abandon an essential feature of our humanness if we only trust when trust is warranted, love only when love is returned, and learn only when learning is valuable. He has also led me to strengthen my appreciation for Dionysus (Bacchus), the divine supporter of my humanity, by saying, "why do we allow a drunk to do things when we don't allow it when he is sober? Part of the search to find who

we are, and in the process we find something else."

Persistent mentoring and support from Pam Haunschild have been indispensable to my survival through my career in academia. A rock-climber, Pam is always generous with her time and spirit. I can only hope that I can be as giving, and treat my students' works as well as she treats mine. I am proud to say that part of my research activity is accomplished through joint work with her. Her challenging critiques and commentary are essential in holding me to the highest possible standards.


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